About Us

Revicentro is a center of solutions for the civil construction.

The company devotes itself to three areas of activity in civil construction:

Commerce of materials and equipment for Construction.

Generators, compressors, elevation and compression machines and others.

Services of Finishes, Renovation and Damp Proofing.


Revicentro began his activity in the year of 1994 with Mario Silva and Cristina Silva. It started to commercialize ceramic tiles and all the materials associated and gypsum plaster.

The evolution of the market and the perception of the need to renting equipment to his own works, lead to the creation of the area of renting equipment. This particular area started with the renting of electric generators, then with machines of spray plastering and rendering and presently with a diversity of equipment used, especially in the field of construction.

In 1995 , the team has grown to three elements with the entry of Paulo Gonçalves. With the increasing of orders and billing, in the year after another person entered in the boards of the company. Then we have the commercialization of mortar, tools and accessories.

With the increasing in the field of the construction in the finals of 90 years and the low labour, it started the area of services Revicentro, dedicated to finishes works, spray mortars (internal and external systems), gypsum board and other works of medium/small dimension.


Revicentro celebrates now his 20th anniversary, with a new image demonstrates his solidity and capability of innovation.


Being a reference in all areas of company operations, based on the seriousness, honesty and competitiveness.


Ensure the best quality and efficiency in the services delivered and sale of goods to our customers. Proactive posture in the search of the best techniques, equipment and materials in the market.